Ever have an epiphany followed immediately by a revelation followed just as quickly by a crucial decision? This is my 30 second journey.

Being fully transparent is both a strength and a weakness for me. It gets me in trouble with so many toes to step on. I’ve been vocal of my distaste for executive C19 mandates and just why (peers killed themselves who I very much believe wouldn’t have), and I’ve offered alternative research (much my own) on mask efficacy (and the real world consequences on peers).

On fb, I carried myself on the tumultuous wave calling for equal consideration of peer lives, and was saddened and angered by these pleas being outright ignored. Losing friends is never easy and my firm belief is executive mandates are unnecessary (with strong scientific evidence). The thing is, awareness of all of this with no requested action has significantly impacted my wellness.

My Steve’s Thoughtcrimes blog records this journey.

I thought when mandates were negated I’d be all gung-ho on a quest for accountability. Mandates are being negated. And my joy at peers being out in public seeing each other again is so overwhelmingly thrilling any frustration I’ve felt is minuscule in comparison. You see, the result I’ve wanted is here. Peers are safer again, in large part from themselves. And although I’ve been invited to several protests calling for accounrability – there was one in Old Town recently – I felt my presence wasn’t useful. Accountability is and always has been second to peer safety.

So instead of clutching to what really amounts to comeuppance, my advocacy is returning to my true passion, and that’s creating opportunities for peer voices to be heard. It’s time for peers to share how the executive mandates and the pandemic have affected them.

It’s weird because I honestly believed I’d be taking part in protests when executive mandates were negated. And I’m joyfully surprised I don’t feel that way at all.

And being completely culpable for myself, the affect of the pandemic in my health is my responsibility for choosing to be frustrated, saddened, and angered.

So my choice is to focus on peers moving forward. We’re recruiting peers to share their stories with no bias, no editing, and no agenda. Buzz me when interested.

Epilogue: It speaks to the genuine and truthful nature of my FB posts this past year and a half that FB never once censored me or suspended my account. Consider this when judging my sincerity.