Weaponizing the justice system to take a hit out on political enemies is deplorable. However, the true travesty of justice is what’s happened to me. Regardez vous:

A local mental health peer left a shitty, woke and ad hominem comment here on my fb, and then I tap into the wit and troll her until she finally stopped trying to one up … and then she passed around the resultant comments … and in an unfathomable twist of this unfathomably crazy twisty woke world, now I’m the asshole!

I didn’t seek her out, I didn’t solicit her shitty woke comment, she commented on my page of her own choice, and I never insulted her in kind. I was simply rude back in that goofy way that’s so endearing.

You see? Do you see? I’m the victim here and in no way was I over the top Trollmeister Supreme. Do you see? In any case, what’s at play is the woke progressive attitude of entitlement allows rudeness doled out but cries and calls foul when rudeness is reciprocated. It’s to be expected. Woke is defined by gaslighting in service of inconsistent ethical values. Woke is the merchant of double standards.

Travesty of justice! Do you see?