Our First Amendment doesn’t include any caveats for “fake news,” “false information,” “misinformation,” “hatespeech,” “misgendering,” “racism,” “inciting violence,” “anti-whatever,” and “whatever-phobic.” Freedom of expression includes the right to be as mean-spirited, ignorant, and bigoted as an American wants. No caveats.

Freedom of expression does not recognize censorship. Freedom of expression has no exceptions. Freedom of expression is our most cherished and important human right. Freedom of expression is guaranteed by our Constitution.

At this juncture proggies cheerfully parade out the rebuttal “You can’t yell ‘fire’ in crowded theater” as a protected exception and this is incorrect. Our First Amendment protects this as freedom of expression.

Anyone has the constitutionally protected right to yell whatever they want in a crowded theater. It’s up to our legislature to draft laws that makes yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater a criminal action with criminal consequences. And laws aren’t preventative, they’re punitive. Laws only take affect after the crime is committed … and sometimes not even then. A law can’t keep a person from yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, the law can only punish the person after the action. The “yelling ‘fire’ in crowded theater” analogy is such a tired, worn out, and easily dismissed proggie argument with no validity at all.

If insisting censorship is absolutely necessary, then each American has the most powerful censorship tool already in hand that’s equally available to every American. If you don’t like what someone is saying, don’t listen. This is also a guaranteed right protected by our First Amendment.

All Americans must become reacquainted to the common sense of our un-caveated First Amendment. The targeted censorship by an unappointed collaborative hall monitor is quickly coming to its conclusion. The evidence is all around and undisputed.

There is never justification for censorship in the United States of America. Censorship is un-American.