Check out my facebook post from two years ago (2021), published in the midst of the forced C19 lockdown, at the height of Fauci-Fear and social media colluding with DOJ/FBI/CDC/WHO/etc., and legacy media selective reporting. Effectively, the Censorship Industry.

I’m stoked to announce today, September 6, 2023, at 6:39PM Mountain Time …


The blathering of “hatespeech” and “I’m offended” and “racist” and “anti-whatever” and “whatever-phobe” holds no power over patriotic Americans. The evidence is everywhere! From X to Budlighting to every Disney movie tanking hard to Daily Wire to Babylon Bee to #1 hit Rich Men North of Richmond to Steve’s Thoughtcrimes, the evidence of freedom of expression returning is everywhere!

Try this on for topical evidence. Several recent polls reveal American teenage males are significantly skewing politically conservative. This makes perfect sense. When leftist woke bullying derives purpose by chastising masculinity as toxic and seeks further purpose by censoring teenage male sense of humor (as hateful and offending) it’s natural for naturally rebellious teenage males to gravitate to the political leaning that isn’t calling them a piece of shit for being male.

Three takeaways from this trend:

1.) Conservatism is now counterculture.

2.) Teenage males begin voting at 18 years of age. Eighteen. Teen.

3.) This newest generation has no affinity or tolerance for censorship. They already recognize who represents their counterculture ideals.

And just today an angry woman told me Elon is ruining the world because he’s making it so everyone can say whatever they want whenever they want. So her anger is yet more evidence censorship is flailing and things are getting back to normal.

We’ve lived through the Dumb Ages (2019 to 2022) and we’re entering the Enlightened Age of Anti-Censorship. It feels excellent breathing deep this plentiful air of common sense and freedom of expression. Never again will patriots be masked, be it literally, figuratively, and/or metaphorically.