I’m not prone to pledging resolve because our rock made it around the sun again. The confluence is only fortuitous, not a self-inflicted traditional parametaquasi-mandate.

Two years ago, an incident where a peer (doubtful – saved for another post) physically and verbally attacked me at an APD behavioral health meeting ignited severe CPTSD symptoms I didn’t know were inside me.

This all but forced me into advocacy hibernation, the same year the State of New Mexico honored me with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Behavioral Health Innovation. The attack, it murdered my momentum.

If I’m going to hold myself accountable for my own recovery, remaining in hibernation any longer serves no purpose to what I will accomplish in my advocacy goals.

Today, I’m shaking off my winter coat and stepping out into the sunshine.

This is notice that I’m back and sparked up, ready get back to work (which includes making myself inconvenient to behavioral health stagnation once again).

My guiding principle: The enemy of innovation is asking for permission.

Excelsior! Per aspera ad astra! Quidquid latine dictum sit altum videtur!