Epiphany: Anti-censorship patriots are having a ton more fun than their censoring woke counterparts. See, woke censors have cornered themselves, taking everything so seriously and creating easy-bake just-add-water victimization that’s so effective any hint of a joking poke is instant hypocrisy that then must be self-discredited and retroactively defended.

How dizzying. How limiting. How excellent when poetic justice has its day. Censors so successful at censoring they’ve censored themselves. Where’s the fun in that?

Now, we anti-censorship patriots have all the volume of the entire universe to mock, ridicule, troll, lampoon, parody, spoof, and satirize the censorship nonsense of the woke establishment now in charge of maintaining the cultural establishment. Effectively, anti-censorship is today’s counterculture (with fewer drum circles) and with this enviable position we’ve got the monopoly on irreverence. And fun.

Anti-censorship patriots get to have all the free-wheeling fun while the opposition must fret over victim list details of their own device.

Yay! Anti-censorship is fun!