President Donald Trump showed a lack of leadership fortitude when he didn’t fire “leading infectious disease expert” Anthony Fauci. Fauci regularly whined in broadcast interviews when he didn’t get his way, unabashedly countermanding the executive decisions of our Commander In Chief: The President of the United States of America. Who is a federal agency administrator to countermand the president? This was unacceptable, Trump not firing Fauci.

When four star General Norman Schwarzkopf publicly stated he believed we should have pushed through to Baghdad (Desert Storm) he lost his chance at what most thought was a guaranteed fifth star. President George Herbert Walker Bush was countermanded by a subordinate. And Bush’s consequence for insubordination resulted in Schwarzkopf being snubbed on that fifth star. This is acceptable leadership.

Going into the 2024 election year with renewed hope of a strong America for strong Americans, Trump must realize pandering to wokeness is not acceptable and is a show of weakness. What our country needs most is resolute leadership unfazed by progressive bullying. If not Trump then whoever replaces Biden and progressives next year must adhere to standing unmoved against harmful woke extremism. It’s not to be condoned or coddled.

We Americans deserve only the strongest leadership.