What happens when virtue shaming no longer works, when speaking one’s mind without fear of insulting reprisal holds no sway, when the risk of ruining one’s life by speaking up is minuscule to the instinct of proclaiming “ENOUGH!”? Will all advocacy for social reform come to a catastrophic and crashing halt because the insensitive, intolerant, and unenlightened amongst are no longer silenced by merely pointing the judgy finger of accusation that’s ASL shorthand for “bigot” and “racist” and “hater” and “(anything)phobic”? Will perceived social inequity be forever the “new normal”?

Bosh. I’m not that cynical. And I have the answer. I really do.

When this supposedly dreadful moment arrives – and, let it be known, it has arrived – open conversation is available and insisted, where no longer will anyone feel forcefully shamed into silence by a one-sided dialog that is the true purveyor of intolerance and suppression.

Be offended. We’ve had enough. The conversation begins now.