Prediction: Soon, biased legacy media will post hit pieces about Trump’s mental, psychological, physical, and neurological fitness, designed as flimsy attempts to distract from Biden’s increasing mental, psychological, physical, and neurological frailty.

This offers the opportunity to ask an oft ignored question. Should we be electing candidates well-past retirement age? There are two good reasons younger candidates are considerably better choices.

1.) Just look at Biden, from age-induced physical stumbles to articulation stumbles to cognitive stumbles to just plain confusion.

2.) A candidate must be 35 to be POTUS. Arguably, a candidate’s freshest, most idealistic goals and values occur at this time.

Trump is 77. He was 35 in 1981. “Return of the Jedi” wasn’t even released yet. Reagan was in his first term – and Reagan once was considered “too old to be POTUS,” taking office at 69 and ending his second term at 77.

Biden is 80. He was 35 in 1978. “Empire Strikes Back” AND “Return of the Jedi” were still years away. The original “Star Wars” was still in theaters in 1978. And Reagan wasn’t even in his first term yet!

And consider someone like Biden is a career politician, first entering federal service in 1973 as a senator. That’s a full HALF CENTURY away from his freshest, most idealistic goals and values. My take is every year in federal service is one more year removed from and one more year out of touch with the needs and desires of real Americans. So, that’s a full HALF CENTURY since Biden was relatable to real Americans.

By the by, Pong by Atari was the zenith of video game technology in 1973. That’s a disturbing epiphany for context, provided for Zoomers, Millennials, and chronic Tiktokers.

There is a limit to where a candidate no longer makes good sense to lead our country and the free world. Being born into a world where at least all three Star Wars movies were out before constitutionally eligible to be POTUS would be a good start. My hope is we turn to younger, more relatable candidates (third party is best) who aren’t one mortal stumble down the airplane stairs away from ending an embarrassing presidency in a most embarrassing manner. And we really deserve a vibrant president who always takes questions from the press, isn’t an ultra-deluxe gaffe-machine, and doesn’t spend a quarter of his term on vacation. Unbetrothed to decades of political corruption, a young, energetic, and idealistic third party candidate is best for America and our future.

As a related aside, and being forthright and honest, since Inauguration Day I’ve been holding my breath as to whether or not Biden would finish out his term as POTUS. By death or by the invoked 25th (incapacitated), I’m fully expecting Harris to be history’s first biological female POTUS. This continues to be my bated breath expectation.