Voicing disdain on social media (or anywhere) for mineral resource extraction and how mining and petroleum are destroying the world is just fine. However, it must be accompanied by immediate forfeiture of any product that uses metal and plastic.

  • Your car.
  • Your hybrid car.
  • Your electric car.
  • Your domicile.
  • Your toothbrush.
  • Your TV.
  • Your roads you drive upon.
  • Your entire kitchen and everything in it.
  • Your glass products.
  • Your beverage containers.
  • Your shoes (even if made entirely of hemp – metal was at some point used in the production of hemp shoes).
  • Your cargo ships that bring cheap plastic and metal goods from overseas (eventually).
  • Your heating and cooling systems.
  • Your ecofriendly solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Your computer and all peripheral equipment.

And even that phone from which you complain about mineral resource extraction. You must forfeit that as well.

Set the good example, ecowarrior. I’ll even suppress vomiting in the back of my throat seeing your exposed body, for you see, once you’ve forfeited all products produced from mining and petroleum your final option in our modern world is buck nakedness. I’ll stomach the ghastly display knowing you’re doing everything you can to save the planet. You will be my hero.

There is zero way to argue this one away.