Dylan Mulvaney has resurfaced this week to levy a demand of Corporate America.

There’s a degree of selfishness here, considering Mulvaney partnering with Bud Light earlier this year led to financial woes and reputational disaster for the company. Urging other companies to lose consumers and profit and market placement to support the very activism that ruined the Bud Light brand, that is a rough demand to make companies. It’s as if Mulvaney didn’t learn any apparent marketing lesson. I don’t see a lot of businesses vying for advertising sponsorships.


Companies are in business to make profit, and believing social justice activism is more important than success and profit is untenable and unsustainable. Resisting the woke entitlement mob that demands allegiance to woke ideology over profitable marketing strategy is a now a business reality companies face. Support virtue signaling or support making money. It’s an easy decision when in business to make money, which I presume applies to any company.

Or, support virtue signaling and trying to support making money, too. Take your chances at being Budlighted.

So Mulvaney and woke activism demands companies stand up to phobic bigots on their behalf. I’ll counter that proven bad marketing strategy with this. I say companies need to steer clear of woke activism altogether and never learn how many phobic bigots buy their product in the first place. The money of an unknown phobic bigot spends just as easily the money of an out and out woke activist.

The risk isn’t only to companies promoting woke ideology. If a company was today to hire Mulvaney as a marketing mascot, would this company be Budlighted? It’s not a facetious question, pondering if Mulvaney is now marketing poison. I noticed that if Mulvaney was at the White House front lawn pride gig this past summer there was no prominent sign of the activist. And it’s well established Mulvaney goes to any length to be prominent.

New marketing partnerships with Mulvaney are now either low key or dried up. And fellow activist influencers can observe and learn from this rise to stardom and fall from grace, that vetting potential marketing partnerships is crucial to their financial success. Know one’s audience lest lose their livelihood.