I hold hands, I smooch, and when the stars align just so, cuddling may ensue. COVID-19 forced mandates will not leach humanity from dating. And in a way that renews my faith in humanity, there is a grand swell of lovely lasses who feel the same.

Comply, Steve. Do what’s necessary. Where’s the hazard in compliance? Here it is: Escalation of mandated restriction and permanence of mandated restriction. I’ve done my time with a regulatory government agency – the Bureau of Land Management – and with absolute knowledge I share government restrictions are NEVER rolled back and additional government restrictions ALWAYS follow to plug the loopholes in every preceding government restriction. Government restrictions are solely to protect us from ourselves.

The way these forced isolation mandates are rolling out with such verve, very soon “covid appropriate dating” mandates will require a hazmat suit, an airlock, and a petri dish.

Sterilized human connection keeps us safe.

Forced isolation and forced masks won’t pilfer romantic human connection from those of us who understand these mandates destroy what makes us human.

Said flatly, when I’m sharing bodily fluids with a lovely lass and she’s sharing bodily fluids with me, I refuse to be locked into a menage a trois where our default third is New Mexico Gubner MLG, with no invitation for her dehumanizing mandates soon to regulate how bodily fluids are shared.

No room in my bedroom for you, Gubner. And your forced mandates are a real zizi meurtrier.