It’s possible to hold in one’s mind two seemingly contradictory concepts simultaneously and equally. Let me give examples.

Make sense? Okay then. Here are examples more tppical and relevant to our COVID-19 existence.

1.) It’s possible to be critical of Pelosi while also not supporting Trump.

2.) It’s possible to take pandemic safety seriously while also rebuking stay at home dictatorship.

3.) It’s possible to champion economic renewal while also appreciating the need for some social distancing.

4.) It’s possible to know, understand, and apply science while also rejecting Fauci’s conjecture.

5.) It’s possible to acknowledge the highly contagious nature of the C19 virus while also recognizing the virus isn’t highly lethal.

There are more instances available. These are a few simultaneous and equal thoughts I carry with me that are perfectly and logically practical, sound, and reasonable by all measures.