Remember the Cold War and the safety drill we practiced at school? If the USSR fired a bunch of nuclear missiles at us, we kids would duck under our desks and curl up in a ball. There, we would wait until our teacher gave us the “all clear” alert at which time we could come out from under our desk and resume the school day.

The nuclear attack safety drill was called Duck & Cover.

Was this a true safety precaution that would keep us alive if a nuke hit the sandbox and swing set just outside the classroom? Probably not. It was an exercise in “feelgoodery”, an act of social soothing to give us a false reassurance that we could survive a missile attack, which is common sense because the only place where a nuclear war didn’t apply was under our classroom desk.

If nuclear war came, we were toast and no better than a tube of Pringles. The best we could hope for is an archaeologist to dig out our ash effigies like the poor pyroclastic surge sods at Pompeii. Duck & Cover is as effective as Stop Drop & Roll, in that neither will save us from the nuclear fire.

It’s false reassurance. So read up on face mask effectiveness and the C19 virus. I’ve never been a fan of mandated feelgoodery and I’ll publicly wear a smile on my face as proof of concept.

What do Duck & Cover, Stop Drop & Roll, and C19 Face Masks have in common?

Kevin Bacon!!!