I’m literally getting fed up with memes of this ilk.

As a counterbalance, I was married to a woman who was court-mandated diagnosed with NPD. This was a requirement during the divorce, that both of us submit to a psych evaluation.

My CPTSD symptomatic reaction to her abuse is similar to what is described here. I’ve been accused of narcissistic behavior because of this.

I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar and CPTSD, and not NPD. My symptomatic behavior is not abusive, it’s defensive.

Considering my history at the truth-twisting pleasure of an abusive ex-wife, being accused of NPD is painful and insulting.

To be clear, I’m fed up with these NPD memes based upon absolutes like “always.” It’s bullshit, lazy, painful, and insulting.

Your arm chair, unlicensed diagnosis is plainly wrong. It reveals more about your history than mine. Own your trauma. Don’t project your traumatic history upon me.

Go ahead, NPD Experts. Tell me my reaction to this meme is “classic narcissist reaction.” To this I offer the lithified retort “Conditioned response borne of abuse isn’t NPD. The correct acronym is CPTSD.”

Further, piss off.