“Risk lives to save the economy” is intellectually dishonest and morally presumptuous. Along with “If you go outside you’ll kill my grandma”, this simplistic sloganeering insinuates there is only one way to perish, and the life of someone who is kept safe by social isolation has greater value than a hardworking family living hand to mouth and the mental health peer who is increasingly suicidal when isolated.

Who is at greater risk?

Academic myopia doesn’t and can’t answer this critical question because a mobius strip logic is immune to insight and is naturally self-reinforcing. Gather enough mobius strips, tuck them into an echo chamber, and that’s where the ludicrous “may be might be could be perhaps possibly” mentality takes on an imposed lethality in the guise of save the world righteousness.

This will tip over and soon. With or without government involvement, We The People will go back to work, and not to “save the economy.” We will go back to work to save our lives and the lives of those we love. This isn’t open for soothsaying debate. This is real whether you like it or not.

How dare you to say our lives are disposable. We are no longer willing to risk our lives the way we’ve sacrificed our liberty. We The People are reclaiming our life and our liberty, and not in the pursuit of happiness. It’s bigger than this lauded ideal.

We The People pursue life, liberty, and survival. And we’re done asking for permission.

And now I’m on another watch list. No matter. My ex-father in law was a higher up in the NSA. When I got divorced from his daughter I was already f*cked.