For an R-naught to drop below 1, herd immunity needs to happen. For a typical infectious virus, that means 65% to 75% of the population needs to have antibodies for the virus.

We produce antibodies and achieve herd immunity in two primary ways:

– Exposure to the virus.
– Vaccines.

A vaccine won’t be available soon, with reliable estimates in the year to year and a half range.

So, the necessary goal of herd immunity provides a strong argument for people to begin work again, and for those who are resistant to personal choice to stay home. Some people engaging in economic renewal will contract the C19 virus, and in doing so will pressure the herd immunity percentage ever closer to 75%.

In this way, when those at home choose to rejoin their community, herd immunity has a good chance of having been achieved.

Health safety AND a renewed economy will be waiting for those choosing to stay home. And those who must make a living to pay for all the real world expenses of life won’t have to fall to economic ruin. It’s a win-win in the best way possible.