April 11, 2017
This will have to be a longer blog I’ll add to later.

In 2015, a sociopathic liar embezzler Stephen Assaf got a bunch of peers to tell me I’m a piece of shit, that I was making his removal from the group personal. Not so. I recused myself from any decisions dealing with Stephen Mr. Pretty Smile AssHat. And he knows it. Never mind the truth. I set myself up for it I guess for being a good person.

Today, I got the results of my neuropsych exam where I was told that there is nothing wrong with my brain, that there’s no reason for my math to be missing. I was told meds, age, rustiness is the culprit. No. I had my math. Walgreens dropped a sign on me. My math is gone. No. No.

Last year, McDonald’s blamed my knee injury from their stupid ass table on me being “not average height” so it’s my fault for being too tall. Attorneys? They won’t go up against McDonald’s. It’s not fiscally worth their time for a knee injury that’s got my left leg severely atrophied.

Last year, Paula Burton stabbed and screamed at me AT MHRAC and I’m told it’s a personal issue and my PTSD doesn’t matter from my “colleagues” at MHRAC, that’s it’s a personal problem. These are people at the table who I’m advising as a peer and when I have issues as a peer from something that happened AT MHRAC, I’m told it doesn’t matter.

I’m fucking sick of this. I’m fucking sick to death of this.