This is perhaps an overshare and this is perhaps my blog so perhaps you should move along if you don’t appreciate overshares.

Having just parted ways with my most current best-gal, I started transferring photos of this most recent best-gal to my PC off my phone, wiping my phone dry of photos of her. Why? Because I wouldn’t have been with that person had I not loved her and I won’t dispose of photos of her merely out of heartbreak. I might burn her in effigy a few times over the gas stove, but I won’t delete photos of ex-best-gals.

And from my PC, the past week my best-gal from 2012-ish buzzed and jingled me… and I realized I never stopped being in love with 2012-ish best-gal. Dang it all. It’s difficult being an adult who falls in love with (redundant) wacky women. Wacky Women is a great song from Sparks, off their “Whomp That Sucker” album, as well as the excellent “Tips For Teens” that sounds like “Tits For Teens” sung in falsetto by Russel Mael. See what I did there? I softened calling all women “wacky” with a switch and bait segue. Hold up. I’ve given myself away. Dang it all.