Hypokalemia and Psychosis: A Forgotten Association

This happened to me starting in September, and while the psychosis is essentially managed with rising potassium count, I’m still getting PT and OT after hospitalization for physical weakness, paralysis, heart concerns, and hand dexterity problems a month later.

I was hospitalized in early October for a delusional paranoia I describe as “My brain broke worse than it ever has in my life.” And, the psychosis was resistant to my established, successful med regimen of five years.

More detail about my experience in a future article. It’s lengthy and difficult to talk about.

The thing is, this was the result of K deficiency and not bipolar. There is a HUGE difference in causation of what some think is exactly the same behavior.

My K is still low. Long ride back, baby baby.

Hypokalemia and Psychosis: A Forgotten Association