I’m weary of my complaining about pumpkin spice every year. It must be so grating to others, every year me voicing my displeasure with pumpkin spice. Every year without variance or fail. Pumpkin spice is villainous seasonal molestation of food and culture.

It’s like those people who complain about Trump. We get it. After seven years, we get that you hate Trump. We are very certain you still hate Trump. No need to rinse and repeat trying to get that Trump right out of your hair. We’ll take it on faith and tedious experience you’ll always hate Trump.

If I’m even a third as annoying complaining about pumpkin spice … no one needs to hear it out of me anymore. Give me a swift kick to the neck if I ever moan and whinge about pumpkin spice ever again. I’ll do my part and administer the same to Trump haters. Pay it forward.