“WRAP Chronicles” is my new designation for articles written while symptomatic. I want to share all parts of my recovery journey yet I field biting communication denouncing my symptomatic behavior as “overshare” and “unprofessional.”

Sure, why not. Funny how folks make it rain in sunshine just because the article happens to include them. Don’t want to make it into Thoughtcrimes? Don’t be so impacting with your behavior the trauma of our encounter follows me into my symptomatic episodes… said with truthful tongue in cheek.

At times, my recovery journey is messy. I’m open to sharing the roughness, both for the education of others and as archived notes to understand myself. That’s a primary purpose for Steve’s Thoughtcrimes.

The new designation deflates and defeats your complaint… said with truthful tongue in cheek “Ha ha!”

And the “WRAP Chronicles” designation holds importance because words alone can’t convey all there is to a symptomatic episode. The designation helps guide a reader away from misconception.

I manage my symptoms much more successfully than many other peer advocates I’ve worked with. It’s hard work I willingly and actively do every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of every decade of every century of every millenium of every age of every epoch of every period of every era of every eon and of every supereon. So, just because I carry the load well (the majority of the time) doesn’t mean it’s not equally heavy for me.

All said, I’ve got a sweet sweet offer – or olive branch if there are ouchy feelings to pamper – that might lessen any unintentional strife betwixt. I never intend to harm anyone; still, this is the risky consequence of openess, bravery, and honesty. Here, try this on for size.

It’s an unkind move to use my vanity press as a unilateral community outreach board. On any “WRAP Chronicles” article I offer that I’ll honestly consider any follow up, rebuttals, backpeddling, explanations, insights, or apologies to publish alongside my article. It’s only fair, professional, and kind to have this offer available.

With sincerity, in employing this newly developed and applied designation, when sending me a nasty, condescending message it’s the same as condemning me for having mental health challenges and needs. For shame, said with truthful tongue in cheek.

Now, off to apply this WRAP Chronicles designation retroactively. I hope this will curtail mean messages telling me I’m an arsehole for having a mental illness.