I like this article because it addresses many of the concerns I felt during the confirmation hearings of Justice Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh report shows why the presumption of innocence is key

The 1948 American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man states that “every accused person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Retrospectively, is it still a “tantrum”? Perhaps and instead, how does a sitting judge not feel betrayed by our jurisprudence system based upon the presumption of innocence, accused and convicted without criminal charges and a resultant trial?

I don’t have an opinion of Justice Kavanaugh’s worthiness. Time will tell. My concern is, does anyone most vocal and morally outraged on social media have the willingness to say “Maybe I was too quick to judge”?

More importantly, what responsibility to do we have on social media to uphold and promote basic human rights as defined by our people, and by extension our government?

Further . . .

What does this say about our society and our assumed (presumed) united peoples that are so quick to abandon our (presumed/assumed) civil liberties and embrace gossip in its stead?

Do your best not to condemn, with knee-jerk vigor, my puzzlement of how quickly we abandon due process in political arenas. This is a salient, germane query with significant consequences, a query I’ve suppressed awaiting the investigative reports . . . as presumedly required.


Predictably, I have Facebook folks attempting to shift focus from the point of my article (You look like an irresponsible fool for posting anti-Kavanaugh bullshit based on allegations and not proof).

The running theme is Dr. Ford is still a victim because she continues to be harrassed, stemming mostly from likewise fools posting her personal info on social media. “She shouldn’t be victimized for speaking out against rape!”

Er……. She wasn’t a crusading martyr bringing justice to rape victims (women only) across our great land. She is a woman who came forward with allegations now shown as unsubstantiated.

This does not make her a woman’s rights victim. She is a victim of circumstance and consequence. Happens to the best of us.

And there are fools who believe I’m claiming “She got what she had coming!”

This is making it easy to weed out “friends” on Facebook. I don’t want to log on to gossip mongering. On both sides of the aisle.

Dude, there is so much excellent material here to take out of context. Have at it!!!


Some folks are reading my article as an apologist for Justice Kavanaugh seeking vindication.

That’s on you.

First principle: People posted gossip before fact on social media. Worse, they posted gossip AS fact. This is exactly what I feel strongly is irresponsible.

Without deviation or debate, first principle wins out.

This is my final entry. Point made.