To those who believe legal immigration for our sovereign nation is “racist.”:

My Mom was a legal resident alien from Polynesie Français who legally waited over a year for her application to be approved before immigrating to the United States. Then, after three decades of living in the United States legally, she applied for US citizenship per our naturalization statutes. It took three years for the privilege and honor of becoming a US citizen to happen for her.

Everyone who knows me and the work I’ve accomplished knows I value everyone as an individual with something important to
offer our world.

I have a few points to solidify:

1.) Entry into the sovereign nation of the United States of America is a privilege and not a right.

2.) There are legal procedures to enter the United States.

3 ) My mother legally waited 1.5 years to enter our sovereign nation and waited 33 years to legally become a United States of America citizen.

4.) Because my Mom is my hero, I grew up respecting and honoring the values and morals of our sovereign nation.

5.) I learned that doing things properly and honestly has led to a strong fidelity and loyalty for every other individual in our great nation as well as providing me the morals and ethics at the core of who I am.

What is my point? To insist any and every person to respect the laws of our land – just like my Mom did – DOES NOT MAKE ME A RACIST.

Stop making the broad and stigmatizing claim everyone who insists on legal immigration is heartless and a racist.

The uneducated magnitude of this generalization is insulting and bigoted.

Thank you of your kind and understanding attention.