Remember the uproar over spring break kids in Florida and how they were going to infect and kill so many people because they are careless and stupid? It’s okay if you don’t. It’s been a full month.

You must know if an outbreak of C19 happened – as a direct result of Florida Spring Break – the politicians and media who run the Scare Industry would be piping constant horrifying news feed metrics related to the spring break kids… all day every day like the closing credits of a Marvel movie.

That never happened.

And, it’s been a month since the last article on Florida beaches, spring break, and COVID-19.

Today is May 4, 2020. One month is two weeks past a typical incubation period, long enough if there was going to be an outbreak due to students congregating on Florida beaches, it would have happened by now.

Nothing. You can fact check this very easily. Google rarely lies.

So in two weeks if there isn’t a significant spike in C19 cases related to a new Huntington Beach cluster – and most importantly, a huge spike in C19 deaths – can we please let it drop and go about living our lives?