Making fun of something doesn’t mean making it fun for everyone. Comedy doesn’t hand out participation trophies.

And speaking of the “everyone gets a participation trophy because we’re all the same” wokey hullabaloo…

Talent isn’t equal, life isn’t just and fair. Some people are better at certain things than others. So this idea of sheltering our kids from the universal inequities of life by having scoreless soccer games and non-competitive academic challenges is hubris in the face of how the universe naturally works.

And how I can be so arrogantly confident in my heartless assessment? Because there aren’t millions of athletically untalented sods lined up as starting shooting guards for the LA Lakers making millions a year throwing a ball really good, and embroiled in allegations. I know of no one working on the Walmart stocking crew who wouldn’t rather be drenched in the fame and fortune of the pro athlete dream life.

Except Kevin. Kevin recognizes the talented expertise needed for pro sports and Jeopardy and dating a Kardashian. Kevin knows this universal reality and Kevin lives in the real world devoid of being rewarded for universally applied lowered expectations.

And as an aside, I hate that my autocorrect knows how to spell Kardashian properly… so I guess there is always an exceptional to the untalented hack making good clause of the universe.

And as another aside, a helicopter in the clouds piloted by the ghost of Ray Charles can impart directed fairness… FROM BEYOND THE GRAAAAAVVVVVVVEEEEEE!!!!! Another exception to the rule.

Be like Kevin. You straighten those Lego boxes, Kevin. I appreciate and admire Kevin for being a true role model in the messy unreality of out of mind wokeiness.