Want to win every argument from here to forever? Here’s how:

Call the person who doesn’t agree with you a “denier.”


  • Climate Change Denier
  • Undeserving Wanker Privilege Denier
  • Fifth Amendment Denier (money says you don’t know the 5th without google)
  • There’s More Than One Way To Hate Trump Denier
  • People Who Hog All The Blankets are the Demon Love Spawn of Hitler and Rosie O’Donnell Denier
  • The Amazon Rainforest Produces 96% of Our Helium Denier
  • It’s Just Fine Boldly Calling for the Assassination of a President on Public Social Media Denier (it’s actually treason)
  • Patriarchal Domination of Men’s Locker Rooms Denier
  • Chumbawumba is the Most Underrated Band in the Entire History of Ever Denier
  • The Reason Ghostbusters 2016 Sucks is Because Fat Basement-Dwelling Twinkie-Sucking Women-Hating Fanboys Made the Movie Suck Denier
  • It’s Cute When a Cat Tortures and Kills a Small Animal Denier
  • Big Pharmaceutical Companies Murder Starving Unborn Gay Whales in Tibet Denier
  • Every Male Celebrity is Guilty of Sexual Predation as Long as the Media Uses the Word “Allegations” Denier
  • Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut, Sometimes You Don’t Denier
  • The Only Worthwhile Reason to Live Year after Year after Year after Year after Year is the Return of the McRib and Shamrock Shake Denier
  • George Lucas Can Totally Kick George Takei’s Bony Space Ass Denier
  • Less Than 100 Years of Weather Measurements is More Than Enough Questiobable Data to Fabricate Dire We’re Killing the Universe Doomsaying Nostradamus-Caliber Soothsaying Predictions with Absolute Mathenatical Moral Certainty Denier
  • Whatcha Talkin’ About Willis Denier
  • It’s Just Not Fair Denier
  • This List Proves Beyond Doubt and Rationality Steve is in Denial Denier