There is a feature in the Facebook Dating app called “Secret Crush.” This is a clever security feature that answers an important need:

How do you keep people from your friends list knowing you’re partaking of Facebook-assisted romance exploration?

“Secret Crush” to the rescue!

Here’s how it works.

Anyone on your friends list cannot see if you have a dating profile. You are invisible. And, you cannot see if anyone on your friends list has a dating profile. They are invisible to you.

This is excellent logic. Facebook is primarily used for light internet stalking. 283 photos? Don’t mind if I do! Secret Crush has your back, protecting your chastity from, say, a recent ex-squeeze.

So what if your heart yearns for a Facebook friend? Ideally, you’d just give them a buzz and say, “Have a nourishing meal with me. It’s the right thing to do.” However, if all your social connection must be conducted via Facebook, here’s how you can reach out to that potentially special lad/lass on your Friends list.

– IF you have a dating profile.
– IF your Facebook friend has a dating profile.
– IF you send them a ping through Secret Crush.
– IF they respond to your Secret Crush ping.
– THEN the two of you are now visible to each other and can pick out a minivan or a Pringles flavor.

It’s a cool feature. Thought was put into the Facebook Dating app.

This is what the Secret Crush thing looks like:

I’m going to beta this Secret Crush now. Everyone on my list is getting a ping. I love Joke.

Next report soon.