I hear people tell that Obama is an idiot, a fool at the helm whose yearly cumulative brain power could toast one side of a piece of rye bread, but only lightly, as evidenced by how screwed up the country has become under his watch. In the same diatribe they’ll also tell of how evil and conniving he is, how he’s not-so-covertly deconstructing our Constitution and nation to rebuild America into a socialist dystopia worse than anything even the European Union could dream up.

It’s interesting to me that any one man could be both a functional retard and a diabolical mastermind simultaneously.

Well, I guess it’s not so unheard of. The same intellectual duality was used to describe President Bush while he was in office. Go figure.

If your political education consists of watching every Michael Moore movie, like, at least 50 times and tivoing the Daily Show religiously, please don’t be surprised when I send a squadron of Jehovah’s Witnesses over to your house on a daily basis to bring you “the good news”, because obviously when you decided to lecture me on politics you also decided our relationship would be based on how best to waste each others’ time.

Political documentaries are most factual when they tell you exactly what you already believe, regardless of how inaccurate or verifiably wrong they are.