A rhetorically repeated claim is if you don’t wear a mask you will kill herds of elderly, frail, hapless grandmothers before we ever reach herd immunity. Worse, not wearing a mask is grand-matricide or at the very least accessory to grand-matricide. This is heavy stuff, the most serious of considerations.

To begin, I promise not to visit your grandma. So that vector is gone.

So how does grandma die from C19 infection?

It makes no sense if you are at significant risk of C19 death that you would go into public at all. Equally, it makes no sense to visit anyone at high risk of C19 death. At all.

So, here’s how to mitigate the risk:

1.) Don’t go into public if you are at high risk.

2.) Don’t visit anyone who is at high risk.

Me wearing a mask or not wearing a mask makes no difference and there is no causal responsibility, and if these two simple preventative strategies are strictly adhered to grandma will live to a ripe old age of this November.

My 80 year old Dad has two reasonable insights I’d like to share. First, he refuses to die cowering at home afraid of a virus. Second, old people die all the time. You can depend upon this.