The 2020 election looms. Four years later, democrat voters contend those who voted for Trump are intellectually deficient, people duped by a Master Narcissist. Not so, and I’ll explain why.

As a very very very very very gentle reminder, the unforeseen reason Trump scored the requisite number of electoral votes is because traditionally democrat-aligned Rust Belt States went to Trump. Democrat pollsters, analysts, and strategists neglected to see these states as potential Battleground States, and thus ignored them on campaign stops and election marketing.

In numerous articles and interviews following Clinton’s “surprise upset”, voters from the Rust Belt felt increasingly disenfranchised by a Democratic president who continued to speak of how great the economy and job market was doing while all the while factories were closing in their communities. Their lives, culture, and history was centered on generational employment in the Rust Belt factories.

Further, voters from the Rust Belt blamed Obama for these factory closures, in direct causal relation to the automobile industry bailouts that required American auto companies to sell half their company to foreign interests like Fiat. This is what led to the US factory closures as companies like Fiat moved manufacturing to countries with lower labor costs and manufacturing costs.

The US auto companies were saved at the sacrifice of American jobs.

Look at the traditionally-democrat Rust Belt States that cast for Trump. Had Clinton won these states she would have neatly won by a wide margin.

In these numerous articles and interviews with Rust Belt voters, the common lament was they felt lied to and taken for granted by the democrat party for eight years. They voted not for Trump so much as the candidate that wasn’t a democrat.

The Swing States in 2016 were not traditional swing states. For decades, democrats counted on the Rust Belt to vote democrat. The democrat party took it as a given.

Learn from this, democrat party. Americans who had been democrats for decades and generations voted for Trump. They are not conservatives. They are liberals who felt abandoned by the democrat party.

To me, the majority of blame falls to the democrat party and not “slack jaw country yokels who love the Bible and are inherently bigots.”

The Rust Belt was ignored and neglected and Clinton paid the price. This is where the true blame and fault for Trump’s victory resides.