There are many professional papers published showing a correlation between unmonitored cannibas use and increased risk of depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts/successes. In New Mexico, unmonitored cannabis legalization is imminent.

Like any medication, cannabis requires monitoring for side effects. There are numerous antidepressants that have a correlative risk of the exact opposite effect: Increased suicidal thoughts and increased suicide rate.

What to do? Stop taking the antidepressant that is correlatively making the person want to kill themselves. It’s an unacceptable side effect.

The idea of “correlation does not mean causation” holds true. However, it is a moot point where psychotropic medication efficacy is by its specific nature anecdotal and trial & error. It’s unethical to core into a live patient’s brain, and I can’t imagine there would be many volunteers. As a man with bipolar, I’m very happy with trial & error.

Medication management requires objective monitoring from a psychiatric professional. There is little doubt cannabis has detrimental side effects and depression is a likely side effect.

“Correlation doesn’t mean causation” is the incorrect metric.

“Every medication affects everyone differently” works better.