T’was asked, “You’ve always got soooooooo much to say about COVID-19. What if you get COVID-19 and die? What will you say then, Mr. Smart Guy?”

I replied, “Most likely I will say nothing, having died.”

There’s a worthwhile discussion here, because if I do get C19 and perish, there are those who capitalize on individual deaths as proof of the extreme dangers of C19. Two teachers die from same school. A pregnant woman died. A healthy 18 year old male succumbed with no underlying conditions. Dangerous? This simply doesn’t track.

Consider that these shocking individual instances are only shocking because these individual instances are so rare and anomalous. If C19 was truly sinister, these individual instances wouldn’t even register, lost in the tempest, not even worth mentioning with death from C19 so rampantly commonplace.

And if I die from C19, what is proven? It’s proof I’m one of 1.73 million deaths attributed to C19 in a world population numbering 7.6 billion people. That’s all the proof available.

My conjectured death isn’t at all important defining the severity of C19, no matter how vocal I am with easy empicism contradicting the unquestioned rhetorical narrative. C19 is not a vengeance killer seeking me out because I challenge its severity. C19 isn’t going to climb through my bedroom window and slit my throat as I slumber, aggressively muttering “I’ll show you who’s not deadly, antimasker!”

Nope. My proposed death from C19 is meaningless and independent of what I say. My hypothesized death from C19 proves nothing. With humility, my one death isn’t important to C19 metrics and the severity of the virus.

“Vocal antimasker dies from the very virus he denounced as ‘not severe.'”

Plainly said… so what?