My buddy Belevick called tonight, and it was great. I’ve known Russ since 1988, my collecting partner and fellow geology student from New Mexico Tech.

I’ve got Russ’ ringtone set as Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On”, which was used in the trailers for the PERFECT movie “Tremors”. This is a PERFECT movie. Perfect plot, perfect characters, perfect payoffs. There is no wasted space in the PERFECT movie.

“Tremors” came out back when we two were in college, and we loved the movie, and Russ would say, “Hey, Steve . . . whole lotta shakin’ going on!”

And I would laugh. Hard. Russ is one of two people on this planet who can make me laugh with no effort.

My ex-wife hated Russ. Because she hates joy. But she would go on collecting trips with Russ and me, and she’d sit between us on the bench seat of his Chevy pickup. And Russ would say, “Hey, Steve . . . who lotta shakin’ going on!”

And I would laugh.


And then Russ would say, “Yeah, Steve. There will be no joy.”

And I would laugh.

Russ was a bit of a sadist. I’ll share the story of his hernia surgery and revenge. Later.

Good to hear from Russ. I want to make sure I get this in Vomiting Rainbows. It’ll be longer and stupider. I just don’t want to forget.