Facebook Dating beta test complete.

Verdict: Security is well-thought out and addressed, although another camera to photograph your screen negates a main security feature. Spam-and-Scam profiles weren’t an issue in the one month I was poking at the app.

There are real people who are really there to date. I sent one “like” every four days and received replies each time. On average, I received four “likes” each day (rounded down). The dating app is active with real people.

Now to the Secret Crush feature. I wussed out. I asked two friends to give it a go with me, so I had one outgoing and one incoming Secret Crush. The app features works as advertised.

Increased features to better round out what you want others to know would be useful. You can directly tie in your Instagram account for expansion although that puts out to an unsecured profile your intent to date (by the contentbof your Instagram posts).

Unless Facebook puts more muscle into their dating app I don’t see Facebook threatening the stability of online dating sites.

That is all.