David Ley is this guy I know. He works with peers and he is versed in post-traumatic stress disorder. One might call him a professional in the field and not a parametaquasiprofessional for he has his doctorate. I can imagine he’s read a lot about peers and peer-related stuff and things. And I’ve heard said he is quite adept treating peer with PTSD because he crafted a card for peers to hand to police when a peer with PTSD is stuggling. This is the card, wallet-sized yet readily readable.

– In full cptsd crisis. Did not recognize
– ptsd expert?
– shouldn’t have called his life passion “porn with punctuation”
– instead of helping, called me out in front of mhrac and said I was DESPICABLE. i was in crisis because paula attacke me!
– same indifference as apd to my deteriorating health
– Danny Watley LIED and said I was voted off mhrac “using the bylaws” David made motion, lied. check email
– Co-committee leader with Paula.. c’mon conflict of interest
– Told his NM Solutions peers about “arguing with peer in mhrac” as an example of “even a provider is vulnernerable and deserves care.” How learned? These peers know me and the mhrac crisis!!! They told me David was talking about me in their nms groupn One asked about hipaa. Said he made himself the victim. J left nms
– Clare died
– Saved mhrac emails
– Competence? Doesn’t recognize peer in cptsd crisis. Are other peers in danger?
– two peers clients at nm solutions say YES!!!
– recommendations to make nm solutions safe for peers suts focus group