I’m curious why so many people think staying at home makes the virus go away. Just as soon as quarantine is lifted those who stayed home are exposed to the virus, and there’s going to be a huge surge in the infection rate.

The strategy behind being indefinately sequestered is to spread out the number infected and not overwhelm our health system. Yet, a common belief is staying home makes it safe going back to social interactions without getting C19. In the long view, flattening the curve won’t keep your grandma safe from the virus or protect the most vulnerable. What we’re doing is stalling the inevitable spike in infections. Keeping vulnerable people safer requires continued isolation planning now.

This isn’t conjecture or “you don’t understand science.” The virus will still be there when it’s no longer “too soon.” Staying home doesn’t make our immune systems stronger. And, when the spike in the infection rate occurs, this isn’t proof the virus mutated to something worse while we were isolated. If you haven’t been exposed and then you are, there are good odds a lot of us detainees get sick.

“Too soon” eventually becomes, “Okay, now” and all we C19 Virgins and our unprepared immune systems are going to get hit by the virus that’s still there.

Summed up, flattening the curve means those infected before quatantine have either died or recovered. Many of us will be infected when going about our daily lives interacting with our community again. The infection rate curve will drastically sharpen after quarantine.

Quarantine succeeds in keeping everyone susceptible to the C19 virus from getting sick all at once That’s all it does.

That so many people honestly believe staying home keeps us safe from infection when we go back into the world… that so many believe this is a failing of our government and our media. People are being ill-prepared for the inevitable infectious reality and societal ignorance is dangerous.

Staying home doesn’t make the virus go away. It’s waiting out there because it has nothing better to do with its time.