My mother was Chinese. I grew up with many Chinese customs. I grew up speaking Chinese. I have family in China. I, myself, have a significant amount of Chinese blood in my veins. I am proud of my Chinese heritage.

I approve of “Chinese COVID” or “Chinese disease” or “Chinese virus” and I’ll tell you why.

This virus and many of the viruses we get from Asia find the crossover event at wet markets. I was in Katanga where wet markets – like China – are also the norm, the region for crossover events for ebola and HIV. Because of wet markets.

I approve of Chinese COVID because, for one, the geography is correct; and for two, this cultural norm of wet markets continues to bring infectious disease to the world. There is a lack of accountability, and being culturally sensitive does nothing to stop these viral crossovers at wet markets.

With this pandemic, we must learn. The most important lesson is for the global community to recognize the source of these highly infectious viruses time and time and time and time and time again. We must insist, as a global community, that these wet markets be done away with, and global community pressure of WHO is a good place to start. Starting now.

If eating Big Macs was a repeated crossover event, McDonald’s would do away with Big Macs.

Remember my Chinese heritage. It’s disingenuous and misplaced to call me racist. And by the by, Mom’s maiden name is Chang. Can’t get more Chinese than that.

And, where was the moral outrage over the naming of MERS?

Watch this:

Hey!!! Bill stole my “Big Mac” joke a week before I made it!!! His joke is about “Hot Pockets” but any half-witted jury will see right through my … er … his retrograde plagiarism with no hesitation.

Bravo, Bill. Props.