Cards on the table. There is a recurring accusation, my C19 articles and posts are politically motivated. Not so, not even close.

Do you want to know my motivation? Mental health peers being isolated at home with anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD… this is bad enough. It’s dangerous, even life threatening.

Media, social media, and politicians constantly doomsaying about C19 makes it so much worse. Being told that the reason you’re trapped in your home by the very evil so many are proclaiming, and given the choice of go outside to see people and die or stay at home and kill yourself… this is cruel, heartless, inhumane, and toxic to the mind and body of peers on the mortal edge.

I listen to peers every day in our Stand Up To Stigma zoom groups. Their suffering hurts me. A lot. Because I understand. I’ve been where they are and just as easily can be again.

I don’t want peers to suffer. It’s the entire motivation and purpose for why I traded geology for behavioral health peer advocacy ten years ago. Peers in peril trapped at home away from other people is suffering.

C19 doesn’t have to be scary, and I’m going to continue to learn ways to help peers tune out the horrifying noise and equip themselves with knowledge, logic, and reasons they can hold on to so they can empower themselves when they feel most uncertain and scared.

I don’t want peers to suffer. That’s the parametaquasi-noble purpose of these C19 articles. It’s the reason for my advocacy.

I have no interest in this politically motivated stay at home civil war.