I have many Bringes I hold dear in the Twin Cities and they’re doing okay thus far. They’re removed from the rioting for the most part, with some of my relatives being able to see the smoke from their homes.

About these types of riots:

I not-so-fondly recall when the Lakers won the NBA championship and Inglewood was torched and looted by the neighbors living there. Their own neighbors. Over a basketball a

A Trump rally in New Mexico revealed most “protestors” are paid to be there. I know I was, via paypal, so I have documentation. You’re not going to find a groundswell of true believers overcome with community caring at these riots.

And, at this Trump rally, I learned there are paid “protestors” with inflammatory words and signs employeed to rile up the crowd and start fights. Those gigs typically pay $500. I got $100 to dress up as a clown by the New Mexico film industry union, a perfect disguise to mill about and observe.

It’s disengenuous thinking these riots have anything to do with justice. I’ve milled about other proto-riot crowds, including the James Boyd protest here in New Mexico. Whatever the initial call to arms for justice, this message is lost in less than hour by people who just want to riot because they can.