Climate change isn’t a myth. Look at the Great Lakes, the Scablands, Yosemite, Detroit’s geostatic rebound, Long Island, the Great Salt Lake/Lake Bonneville, every valley of the Mojave Desert, the Bering Straight, and so many other remnants of three mile thick ice sheets – that no longer exist – upon a huge land area of North America.

The thing is, there were humans on this continent during the Pleistocene/Holocene melt which happened so fast most megafauna of the northern hemisphere went extinct because their cold-weather morphology couldn’t keep up. And, no, humans didn’t hunt megafauna to extinction. That is an absolute myth so stopping quoting professional papers from the 1970s.

As said, we’ve had humans on this continent for at least 14,000 years, watching ice sheets melting over only a few thousands of those years, and that ABSOLUTELY DRASTIC climate change all happened long long long long long long before the Industrial Age.

So we’re supposed to buy into a sketchy 140 years of inconsistent and non-standardized WEATHER data and extrapolate climate change patterns over the next couple of years and project this supposed pattern into a thousand years from now. That is mathematically ludicrous and an academic fallacy. It can’t be done. It’s impossible analysis and conclusion.

There are those who opine about polar bears and retreating glaciers and say “aha!!!” Aha what? The cave bear is gone and not the polar bear (which is not on the brink of extinction). The current retreat of glaciers is offset by the current progression of glaciers. It’s a net stalemate. This climate doomsayers empirical evidence is partial and inconsistent at best.

So continent-covering three mile thick ice sheets melted away to nothing in a few thousand years without the benefit of runaway carbon emissions. And the empirical evidence provided for extreme climate change is unusable. And species extinction today is unobservable compared to all the MEGAFAUNA species lost to the Pleistocene melt down.

What we have here is a social program masquerading as a scientific principle. This isn’t the first time this has happened. In the US of A, these are two sharp instances of this. Eugenics and the COVID-19 pandemic. So remember this because it will fully play out in unavoidable clarity of proof in the coming decades.

– Extreme climate change is real but not in the way climate doomsayers claim.

– Extreme climate change due to human industrialization is a myth.

– Extreme climate change science and policy is nothing more than a social program masquerading as a scientific principle.