Social isolation is dehumanizing.

Taking away 2/3 of everyone’s face is dehumanzing.

Keeping people 6 feet apart is dehumanizing.

Closing schools to our kids is dehumanizing.

Shuttering local businesses until they close permanently is dehumanizing.

COVID appropriate dating is dehumanizing.

Making travel and tourism impossible is dehumanizing.

Undisguised biased media and social media censorship is dehumanizing.

Fear, oppression, and political division is dehumanizing.

Banning people from concerts, church, sporting events, bowling alleys, movie theaters, zoos, ice rinks, hiking trails, dance clubs, national parks, community centers, peer support groups, hospital visitors, and everything else bringing people together in joy is dehumanizing.

What does it mean to be human?


COVID mandates force us to be less than human.