I recall fondly the MHRAC meeting when – with greatest authority and confidence – Paula slyly scolded me before God and committee by stating:

“I strongly disagree. Your analogy is imperfect.”

By definition and intent, an analogy is always imperfect.

For all the goodness of every star in the sky, I long to hear Paula’s imperfect logical fumblings once again. It’s such easy entertainment.


On the Recovery Adventure of Steve Bringe, prepare for many Snaps of Empowerment.

That wit guides my writing – and not fear, abandonment, betrayal, and suicide – is the perfect omen for my sustained recovery and wellness. When I can laugh at the horrible stuff in life I take back my power and it’s no longer so horrible.

So many Paula stories to tell. I’m a storyteller.

Paula, you’ve been Chaucered.

Background Exposition: Paula screamed me in public. A lot. For years. At professiobal meetings and trainings. Her abusive behavior culminated with her screaming and then physically striking me at an MHRAC meeting. Her abusive behavior is too much like my ex-wife, Susan Solverson Cruz, including a certainty her behavior is justified coupled with a definitive lack of accountability.

Her physical attack upon me at MHRAC smashed open an emotional and psychological breakwater of CPTSD with an everlasting hurricane just the other side.

Paula Burton And Susan Solverson Cruz are now held accountable – by me – through witty word and sinister satire.

It’s all about re-empowerment through self-empowerment.