There’s been displeasure with how open I’ve been about rejecting forced mandates and questioning the logic of the forced mandates. I’ve also been criticized for my snarky satirical tone lately, with some telling it’s “hatespeech.”

What’s changed?

I’ll tell you what’s changed. For my beliefs, nothing has changed. What I know for fact now I’ve known for fact for a year. Yes, fact. Ask me any questions you like from your own knowledge to ascertain if I know what I’m talking about.

What’s changed in the world is the November election is far past, Trump is no longer in the news, and as such I can no longer be accused of being a “Trump Supporter.” When forced mandates were purposely politicized heading into the election, anything I shared critical of mandates, gubners, Fauci, etc., was IMMEDIATELY shouted down as me being “partisan.”

Well, Maskateers and Compliants, that accusation holds no meaning any longer. Now I’m just going to say it as it is, and I’m going to call it out when people are ignoring when their face is on fire.

Especially when your moral choice hurts peers.

Henceforth, the discussion will be of logic and fact with no retreat behind “You’re a Trump supporter!”

Now the conversation happens no matter how uncomfortable. Peers are suffering and they need a voice.

Join with me.

So, how you doing?