Something I’ve noticed about cat apologists. Cat apologists feel personally attacked by any flippant critique of cats as a specie. Not their cat specifically. Any cat or all cats in total.

And there are striking differences between dog owners and cat fanciers for certain.

For example, I tell a dog lover, “Your dog is an idiot.” And the dog lover says, “I know! He’s got a vet cone on from surgery and stuck his head in the toilet bowl for a drink, got stuck, and almost drown! He’s the most lovable idiot on the planet!”

I tell a cat preferential “Your cat is an idiot” and the cat preferential launches into “You just don’t understand cats. Cats think on a level above humans and what might seem stupid to a human has a very precise and intelligent purpose to a cat.”

No, your cat is an idiot. It keeps licking the waffle iron immediately after I pop out a waffle. Your cat. It’s an idiot.