The most effective preventative measure for C19 infection remains choosing to stay sequestered at home while everyone else goes about living their lives fully and freely.

What difference is there between a conspiracy theory and any accepted published article headlined with “may be,” “might be,” “could be,” “perhaps,” or “possibly”?

Conjecture is as conjecture does.

One’s C19 reality depends upon which posts, stories, and articles are read and which posts, stories, and articles are ignored.

When it comes to things that matter, what matters most to you doesn’t mean it has to matter most to me. Be okay with this.

The Japanese irradiate an iguana and they get Godzilla. I irradiate an iguana and all I get is a sick lizard that pukes in my shoes.

Letting bygones be bygones, I’m going to give Jennifer Aniston one final beating with a sock full of nickels and then release her from my basement.

It’s fun seeing a Facebook photo of someone you knew (dated) in high school and can confidently say, “Hey, new boobs and a new nose. Good for you.”

I’ve learned I don’t need to work on my social skills. I just surround myself with people more socially crippled than me and I come off as the normal one.

Maybe just leave Portland for now and come back later to help pick up the mess.

Very soon, “covid appropriate dating” mandates will require a hazmat suit, an airlock, and a petri dish.

I’ve taken to hiding beneath the desk in my home office every morning because it’s the only place on the planet where my horoscope does not apply.

The uncontrollable rage I daily harbor has once again transformed my baked potato into a plate of mashed potatoes.

With discussion of teaching more science so teens can enter adulthood able to understand and required coursework in critical thinking so they have the ability to see past groupthink, I suggest we instruct teens on the importance of character, honesty, understanding, acceptance, nobility, cooperation, and humility. Collectively, let’s make sure our teens are well-versed on the absolute necessity of humanity.

It’s not a lack of science knowledge or logical acumen that’s absent from public discourse. It’s absence of humanity that’s so disturbing.


Liberal or conservative, media is unburdened of accountability.

That the inner workings of MSNBC are precisely that of their outer impression and expression is unsurprising. This is as if you’re telling me my face is on fire.

MSNBC Producer Quits Because It’s Liberal Fake News: “We are a Cancer and There is No Cure”

Woohoo!!! I gotta call Jose. Working at the DOH is discouraging.

Maybe Canada should build a wall and make America pay for it.