An apology is never owed, deserved, or entitled.

No matter how mortally wronged you feel, no matter how heinous the slight, no matter how obvious it is to everyone and anyone how much of an apology you have coming, expecting an apology holds only one absolute:


And when the apology isn’t forthcoming, it’s not a character flaw or irresponsible inhumanity or classic narcissism at play. Don’t do this. Don’t push the intellectual malaise of victim-of-abuse clickbait. Don’t be this person.

This apologetic expectation can never measure up to the childish hubris convinced of its own righteous certainty. The uppity demand of an apology is selfish. Yep. Selfish. Projected morality is morally presumptuous.

Solution: Accept only the guilt you own and no one else’s. Equally, own only your guilt and never make your guilt someone else’s.

People have been egregiuosly crappy to me. Still, their accountability is a matter biased opinion and not mine to impose. This is how I handle life and life goes on just fine without manipulated or insincere apologies.

If someone truly feels they’ve hurt my feelings I leave it to them to let me know.

PS: This doesn’t mean I won’t eviscerate crappy people in word upon Thoughtcrimes. I’ll never demand an apology, though.

Where’s the satisfying closure in that?

I am the architect of my own closure.