Stand up comedy and the comics who peddle the jokes are the last bastion of unchecked social insight and unapologetic political commentary. And, more so, stand up comedy is the First Amendment being employed to its full worth.

There are comics whose chosen topics for toppling rankle me something fierce, and wisely, I don’t partake of their wares. Some of these comics are absolutely ignorant of mental illness and offering a counter to their nonsense I see is a useful expenditure of my peer advocacy. Not them specifically with ad hominem intent. I counter their stigmas.

The severe concern I have is advocacy that seeks to silence comics and their insights, that this is the proper way to combat stigmatization. In my advocacy, that is absolutely the improper way to go about things. The proper strategy is to educate communities about these stigmas that are sometimes championed by comics. With my efforts, it’s my responsibility to be more convincing with the message my friends and I champion.

If silencing comics who run contrary to my values is how I contend with their views, that’s saying a lot about how little confidence I have in my own advocacy.