This is a cool part of Route 66 history. These four photos show where the original , a section of Route 66/40 bypass, and Interstate 40 come together. I’ll try to put the photos in context to each other.

The first photo shows the original Route 66 and the still-paved section of 66/40 that was used to bypass a road cut for 40. You can see Route 66 and the road grading for 40 in the background. This is facing south.

The second photo is taken from the terminus of the Route 66 bypass with the 40 road cut center frame. While this part of the 40 road cut and road engineering was being constructed a paved road around the construction was laid down. This was common during the construction of 40. This is facing west.

The third photo is driving west on the bypass back to the stiil-active stretch of original 66 from Deadman’s Curve to Old Laguna.

The final photo shows the terminus of this short stretch of bypass (about 200 yards) which is washed out right where it connects to 40 westbound. The photo faces east.

This is one of three spots I know in New Mexico where well-preserved sections of original 66, a section of 66/40 bypass, and I40 are in such close proximity.

The best I can tell from a few Standard Oil roadmaps, the 40 construction at this spot started in 1963.