My best gal is so way full-on disgusted with porn. She has many superb reasons why. Unrealistic expectations of both men and women. Porn addiction destroys relationships. It’s both gross and hilarious.

The last one is mine. Do you know what else is gross? Televangelsists. I’ve known too many good folks bilked out of their hard-earned savings by a sin-soaked Chiclet smile and a sin-suave televised crooning. Infuriating. Unethical. Gross.

And now hilarious. Televangelists are equally hilarious. And, have you noticed the most hilarious characteristic of televangelists? Beyond televangelists being a divine joke, the names of televangelists sound like gay porn stars. How appropriate. They both screw others for money. Snap. Hilarious.

Following shall you find twenty (20) names. Ten (10) names belong to televangelists. Ten (10) names belong to gay porn stars.

The Challenge: Choose which ten names are those of televangelists and which ten names are those of gay porn stars.

Have at it! And just know, if you decide to use Google to cheat . . . guess what shows up in your browser history and image cache? That’s right. Televangelists. You’ve been thusly advised.


1.) Al Parker

2.) Creflo Dollar

3.) Arpad Miklos

4.) Peter Popoff

5.) Billy Brandt

6.) Rod Parsley

7.) R.J. Danvers

8.) G.T. Armstrong

9.) Austin Wilde

10.) Doug Batchelor

11.) Bradford Thomas Wagner

12.) Paul Crouch

13.) Timothy J. Boham

14.) Joel Olsteen

15.) Brent Corrigan

16.) Mike Murdock

17.) Fred Halsted

18.) T. D. Jakes

19.) Kurt Lockwood

20.) Hal Lindsey


1.) Al Parker: Gay Porn Star

2.) Creflo Dollar: Televangelist

3.) Arpad Miklos: Gay Porn Star

4.) Peter Popoff: Televangelist

5.) Billy Brandt: Gay Porn Star

6.) Rod Parsley: Televangelist

7.) R.J. Danvers: Gay Porn Star

8.) G.T. Armstrong: Televangelist

9.) Austin Wilde: Gay Porn Star

10.) Doug Batchelor: Televangelist

11.) Bradford Thomas Wagner: Gay Porn Star

12.) Paul Crouch: Televangelist

13.) Timothy J. Boham: Gay Porn Star

14.) Joel Olsteen: Televangelist

15.) Brent Corrigan: Gay Porn Star

16.) Mike Murdock: Televangelist

17.) Fred Halsted: Gay Porn Star

18.) T. D. Jakes: Televangelist

19.) Kurt Lockwood: Gay Porn Star

20.) Hal Lindsey: Televangelist


Why did you accept this challenge? This is the worst type of click bait. Wow. How do you live with yourself? You need some sprititual cleansing. Conveniently, you have twenty names available for some kind of spiritual guidance . . . I guess. Gross. Hilarious.

Perhaps televangelists moonlight for beer money. That was unnecessary.