The cornerstone of scientific inquiry – really, of science itself – is empirical skepticism. If not for skepticism, the sun would still revolve around the Earth, objects twice as heavy would still fall twice as fast, and using leeches drenched in extra virgin olive oil to cure constipation would still be a thing.

Yet when questioning the anointed scientific expertise of this COVID-19 world – Fauci, CDC, WHO, etc. – the masses rise up and condemn dissenters as heathens, heretics, and witches. How dare anyone challenge an unearned status quo. Scientific skepticism has no place in studying science any longer.

In a world devoid of skepticism, the way science is conducted is by public consent of “Because they say so.” Our experts are chosen, trusted, and immune to correction and accountability.

But how are these experts chosen? And what questions were asked of these experts to check up on their expertise? Well, we covered that. Because they say so.

By that reckoning and by golly, what a special social standing Fauci and crew enjoy. Whatever he says is expertise and accepted as truth without skeptical rebuke. Because Fauci says so. Special.

If I was Fauci, I would totally kick it with my cronies, sipping refreshing mint juleps through Krazy Strawz, lying on our backs on freshly mowed grass, staring at the clouds asking each other if that cloud looks more like a turtle or more like Pelosi being set up by a hairdresser, and me and my science chums would make up bullshit protocols and stuff, just to punk the public for funsies, just to see if the public will do it because I say so. You know, ridiculously bogus stuff, just random flights of imagination, from making all your pets wear masks over every orifice of their fuzzy bodies or – this one is waaaaaaaaaaay out there – instructing us one year later wearing two masks is safer than one.

What? That second one is real? Fauci really said that and people did it without question? Dude, you punk’d us something severe! I can’t believe we all fell for that… Fauci, you devious rascal!

So now science progress comes to a stagnant halt if we allow it. When we are branded inhuman and idiotic for scientific skepticism, and COVID-19 mandate apologists shout down any person who reveals the glaringly faulty reasoning behind these mandates, then what we have is no longer science and scientific inquiry.

What we have is the most perfect cult mentality where science is not knowledge. Science is faith. And in all the centuries of human civilization, nothing good comes of attacking someone’s religion.

Particularly when it’s a false religion built upon fairytale fear.

We have a choice. We don’t have to accept this. We only need say…


That said, and just so you know, me and my scientific skepticism will not go quietly into the night. I’m not alone in this. And, by the by, I’m not a heathen, heretic, or witch. I’m a Born Again Huguenot. Get it straight.

PS – That oily poop-leech thing was something I made up as a testing example. Hopefully, your skepticism guided you to checking it out for yourself.

And I also did it for funsies. If I was Fauci and had his cult leader bravado, this is exactly the stuff I’d fabricate to punk the public.