Why is it important to silence Chappelle? Is his voice so potent flocks and gaggles and murders of blank minds are adopting his personal stories as their personal core belief? Will droves and mobs and hordes of people speak ill with hatred and venom and contempt because of this newly-acquired core belief?

Chappelle is a comedian and social commentator who – as I’ve witnessed – has never been a focus for the appeal to false authority. This means I’ve never witnessed anyone at all proclaiming they disparage what Chappelle disparages because Chappelle is an expert comedian therefore Chappelle is an expert in advocacy for/against social reform. That notion is flimsy in the same way as buying a Buick from Tiger Woods the Expert Golfer.

Straight up advice: Let it go, cease flogging a horse well-dead, and find new ways to bring awareness and acceptance to a righteous advocacy cause without piggybacking on a publicly visible celebrity’s offending jokes. No one comes out of this playground fistfight with any dignity.